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Commercial Wallpapering in Canberra, ACT, Australia

Our Commercial Wallpapering in Canberra, ACT, Australia and serving in nearby cities, services includes use of premium business grade wallpaper adhesives, correct pattern-matching, neat trimming, and correct connexion of your wallpaper. we tend to bring the organized and fastidious approach to your wallpapering you’d expect from practitioners that genuinely fancy their business.

Wallpaper has enjoyed a renaissance among interior designers, by using some gorgeous style parts to re-invent the areas that individuals inhabit, making atmosphere and distinctive living areas!!

We have completed thousands of residential and Commercial wallpapering in Canberra, ACT, Australian homes, apartments, businesses, restaurants and hotels. therefore you’ll take pleasure in extremely fully fledged wallpaper installers.

We area unit a number one skilled services supplier for Commercial  wallpapering in Canberra and additionally cowl outer suburbs as well as the eye, East, Bayside, South East and Geelong. We’ve with success put in wallpaper for many non-public homes, hotels, cafes and restaurants, flats and offices. Request a  wallpaper installation quote currently from our Commercial wallpapering in Canberra, ACT, Australia specialists.

Commercial wall Painting in Canberra, Australia

New drywall

Make sure the drywall is freed from contaminants like mud, dirt and mildew. Best results area unit obtained once the wet content of the drywall is at or but five p.c. Apply a decent quality opaque/white primer.


Test painted surfaces for wet sensitivity. Hold a wet sponge or fabric to the paint surface for fifteen seconds, then rub the surface smartly with a fabric. If very little or a small quantity of paint is removed, paint ought to be sound.

Existing wallpaper

Ensure the wallpaper is firmly secure to the wall and has no lifting seams or loose spots. you’ll check for poor adhesion by rubbing your fork over the surface of the wallpaper.


Prime with adhesion promoting primer. Groves ought to be crammed, then reprimed. For best results, use a clay-based adhesive. Some wallpaper would force extra priming of the wall liner.

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