Residential Floor and Concrete Painting

Residential Floor and Concrete Painting Services in Canberra, ACT, Australia

Want your concrete floor to face out?

Dream Project Painting is your best option for quality concrete floor coatings. Our knowledgeable employees savvy to bring your uninteresting flooring to life victimisation top quality materials and instrumentation. Our Residential Floor and Concrete Painting services in Canberra, ACT, Australia offers a large variety of choices for all kinds of floors. Whether or not it’s for your home, workplace or warehouse, we’ve it!

Residential Floor and Concrete floor painting in Canberra,  ACT, Australia is one amongst the simplest ways that to stay the sweetness and quality of your concrete floors. We’ve a spread of styles and colors to settle on from — creating any a part of your property engaging and hospitable.

Residential Interior Painting in Canberra, Australia

Aside from its aesthetic edges, concrete floor coatings conjointly raise the practicality of your house. For example, our anti-slip floor paints facilitate minimise the danger of accidents in factories and warehouses.
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Our Residential Floor and Concrete Painting services in Canberra, ACT, Australia includes:

  • Protect floors from serious masses
  • No dusting
  • Ease of cleansing & maintenance
  • Increase of mirrored lightweight
  • Presents positive image to customers
  • Avoids environmental impact problems

Check for wet

First, it’s necessary to create certain your concrete doesn’t have wet rising up through it. If it will the paint won’t stick and can peel off

Check you concrete isn’t sealed

Check that you concrete doesn’t have any sealing material on that by sprinkling some water over it. If the water is absorbed, it’s fine.

Clean the concrete

Use a air mass cleaner to get rid of any dirt or sand. Then use a bristle broom to induce obviate any ground in dirt on the concrete.

Paint the remainder of the concrete floor

After you have got finished cutting in, use a roller on associate extension pole to color the remainder of the concrete floor.

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